Does Your Current Presence Fit Your Digital Strategy?

Too many organizations focus on the tasks of putting together a new site: getting it designed, written, built, and launched ... while forgetting about the overall marketing plan and digital strategy it is supposed to execute. Here at Burntcow MediaWorks, we keep our eyes on the horizon to help you plan for what happens after your new site's launch.


Stock Your Toolbox

There are a lot of tools out there. Some can help you realize your goals and others are just distractions. We know what will keep you focused on achieving your organizational milestones.

Content Strategy

Your content presents information to your audience. But do you know who your audience is? Hint: it's not just the people looking at your website. Is your message consistent across all of your digital properties? We help you think about your content in terms of message, SEO, and conversions to maximize its effectiveness with all of your users.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The power of page one can't be overstated. If plans for your new site's development and marketing don't include Search Engine Optimization, then you're making a huge mistake from step one.

Email & Social Marketing

Collecting a list of email addresses and blasting email blather is easy enough, but is it truly effective? Let us help you develop a leaner, more effective email and social marketing campaign with measurable results.

Analytics & Analysis

Let us help you find actionable insights in the nearly infinite data that can be gathered automatically from your site with tools like Google Analytics.



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