About Us

Burntcow MediaWorks was begun in late 2000 as an outlet for a few technology and design professionals to stretch their legs a bit. We wanted to help organizations like small business and charities by leveraging knowledge and expertise gleaned from working with larger ones.

We have been involved in the design and development of web-based communications since 1994. Our collective expertise represents decades of technology and design knowledge.

Through our experience, we have delivered value for organizations from the size of your neighborhood tavern to multi-billion dollar banking concerns. We are passionate about what we do and we love to work with organizations who have the same excitement about their business. We love to learn.


Most people wind up scratching their heads when they come across our name for the first time. What is Burntcow?

The answer is really quite simple. We are based in Chicago and Burntcow is a reference to the Great Chicago Fire. On October 8, 1871, a fire began that nearly burned down the entire city of Chicago. Legend has it that the fire was started by a cow belonging to a Mrs. O’Leary. A burnt cow.


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